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NAMI BURN-E Viper Electric Scooter
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NAMI BURN-E Viper Electric Scooter

Super scooters have promised much over the years but there have always been compromises. The Burn-e is the first electric scooter from Nami – a new scooter brand from well know development engineer Michael Sha. Michael and his team have been working on the Burn-e for two years. The objective was to eliminate compromise and disrupt the status-quo with a new standard in high-performance electric scooters. The Nami Burn-e (code-name Viper) is one of the most anticipated electric scooters this year.
  • Burn-e

  • NAMI

  • 100 kph

  • 150 km

  • 46 kg

  • 35°

  • Front/Rear, Hydraulic

  • 3000W

  • 8400W

  • Pneumatic, Tubeless 90/65-6.5

  • 120 kg

Michael Sha started the Viper project by asking a number of simple questions of the current crop of large, high power super scooters.  The Nami Burn-e is his emphatic answer.

Start with the structure – was there a better solution than the standard extruded box construction?  His answer was a one piece aviation grade welded tubular frame.  The folding mechanism was worked on to eliminate the flawed clamps of old.  The result, a highly stable, patented design employing high-grade stainless steel.  The drivetrain uses high quality sine-wave 50a controllers with 12 mosfets and IP65 waterproof connectors able to deploy 8.4kw of power.

The rider controls are programmable via a new central display unit with a host of smart features. These include 5 rider including the ability to customise a ride mode to suit your style. The two speed controller settings are independent which allows the rider to adjust the acceleration power of the front and rear motor individually. Cruise control is available for long rides and a built-in overheat protection system keeps you safe during extreme riding.

The Burn-e electric scooter features a 2000 lumen front LED light which is fixed at handlebar height, side LED strips integrated with turn signals and horn which are either side of the deck.

We believe that this electric scooter will be seen as a game changer – the Nami Burn-e will set a new benchmark in the super scooter segment.


One piece aviation grade aluminum welding frame, solution and aging heat treatment

Swing arm, front suspension holder, folding lock, kick stand:
One piece 6082 aviation aluminum forging

72V 35AH

Net Weight
103 lbs, 47 kg

Max Wattage
8400 Watts

Max Speed
62 Mph or 100 Kmh

Range with average speed 30km/h
93 miles 150 km

1500W per motor, with hall sensors, peak at 4200W per motor

12 Mosfet, 50a max current controllers, sine wave ip65, waterproof connections

Front and Rear Nutt hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors, cooling fin pads

165mm length standard hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment

Lights & Horn
2000 lumen front led lights, side led strips, turn signals, motor cycle horn, ip55

Cable System and IP Rating
quick connections for all electric components, for the cables close to handlebar and under deck
ip55 for whole scooter in process

Folding System
patent designed thread lock taper folding system, 304 stainless steel folding parts

Handlebar and Steering Column
31.8mm diameter, 620mm length aluminum handlebar, full carbon fiber steering column

tubeless 90/65-6.5, street or off-road tires

Charger and Charging Time
Standard 2×2.8a quick chargers, dual charging ports

Main Dimensions

Overall size: 1346mmx 620mm x 1446mm
Handlebar to deck, 1090mm in height
Deck Cover: 564mmx312mmm 716mm in length to include rear foot rest
Ground Clearance: 150mmm main
Top of deck to Ground: 292mm

Folding Size:
1354mm x 620mm x 640mm

Package Size:
Honey comb cardboard 1405mm x 355mm x690mm